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The concept of circular economy aims to keep material resources circling in loops, moving from one value chain to the next, minimising waste. Moving towards a circular economy requires large changes in society and has implications for every value chain of products and services.

SQ Consult has extensive expertise in developing, evaluating and benchmarking instruments that help to enhance value chain sustainability and contribute to a circular economy.

Examples are benchmark studies to compare different sustainability certificate systems for biofuels and biomass; and improvement of the CO2 performance ladder, a procurement tool that awards CO2 reduction efforts, throughout the value chain in infrastructure tenders.

Such projects have in common that they cover very different sectors and value chains. SQ Consult provides the expertise in those different sectors, the knowledge of sustainability issues, concepts and loopholes.

Services and Clients

SQ Consult is strongly involved in the introduction of effective bioeconomy certification systems securing the sustainability of the supply chains, advising policy makers, public agencies, NGOs and the private sector.
SQ Consult assist in mainstreaming sustainability and low carbon criteria in tender and procurement procedures.

We support low carbon, climate resilient and green growth strategies on national and sector level.

We facilitate and organise extensive stakeholder consultations and discussions, in both the private and public sector

Featured Projects

  • Publication on Policy Instruments and Co-Regulation for the Sustainability of Value ChainsThe book underlines the growing importance of sustainability aspects in the value chain of products to cut emissions, fight climate change and ensure basic human and society rights are not endangered. 
  • Benchmark of EU national systems for biofuel sustainability, considering aspects of CoC, auditability, level of assurance, verification mechanisms, special rules for proving compliance with the sustainability criteria on land and GHG emissions savings. 
  • Developing the CO2 Performance Ladder, a certification scheme for CO2 management to be used in infrastructure tenders/procurement.Over 50 Dutch procurers are using the Ladder in over 4 billion Euro per year worth of tenders. The Ladder has reached thousands of companies, who have formulated their CO2 footprint and have identified CO2 reduction opportunities
  • Annual CSR reporting of companies in the energy sector (energy companies)

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