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Effective energy and climate policies are key elements for achieving the ambitious targets on low carbon development, climate resilience and sustainable development.

SQ Consult advises its clients in every stage of the policy design cycle.

We assist in formulating clear policy objectives, in the identification of barriers and drivers, and in the design of effective policies and regulation to meet these objectives.

We assist our clients in developing monitoring systems and executing periodic ex-post evaluations on the impact of those policies.

The successful policy design process includes an explicit understanding of the logic and causal relationship between policy instruments and policy objectives.

Our strength lies in drafting these causal relationships and translating them into structured research questions, inputs and assumptions that modellers can use.

Services and Clients

SQ Consult carries out ex-ante and ex-post impact assessments of energy and climate policies for municipalities, provinces, national Ministries, European Commission, NGOs, multilateral organisations and companies.

Our services include overall sector analysis, identification of barriers and drivers for the implementation of policy instruments, ex-ante assessment of planned policies, ex-post impact assessment of policies

We collect data/information for these assessment through surveys and interviews, drafting of public sector energy and climate strategies and action plans.

Our experience ranges from the impact assessment of a single policy instrument for a municipality to the impacts evaluation of a full energy or climate EU policy package.

International expertise

SQ Consult and its experts have worked for the European Union, its Member States, candidates to EU Member States, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Featured Projects

  • Evaluation of the climate and energy programs of the municipalities of Utrecht and Zaandam in the Netherlands.
  • Impact assessment of sustainability policies on biofuels trading in EU. Current transposition of the EU-RED in selected EU  member states, and the possible implications for trading of biofuels 
  • Framework contract on energy and climate policy support for the European Parliament, Committee for Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE). Support the Committee in energy and climate change policy issues through analysis and technical and policy briefings.
  • Interaction European electricity markets and climate policies (EC DG Climate Action). Understanding of proposed, ongoing and recently implemented reforms on national power markets within the EU, with a specific focus on the decarbonisation of the power sector and growth of renewable energy on the European market. 

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