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Dealing with climate change is complex. It encompasses technical, economic, social and political issues. How do we ensure that implementation support (finance, technology, capacity building) and enabling instruments (such as NAMAs, carbon markets) are sufficiently available and able to deliver change effectively?

SQ Consult addresses these questions at the global, national and local level. We understand the close link between climate action and sustainable development and advise policy makers on potential synergies.

We recognise the importance of national and local circumstances to the success of international negotiations and the effectiveness of policies.
We have strong insights into the interactions between different policies and markets, and are experienced in addressing the needs of diverse stakeholders (public, private, civil, environmental).

Bringing together our strong understanding of strategic developments with our practical experience in policy and project implementation enables us to support the development of effective means to deliver climate finance, technology transfer and capacity building for climate-compatible and sustainable development.

Services and Clients

We support national governments, international organisations and NGOs in the monitoring of national objectives and actions, as well as the evaluation of company and project performance.

We advise clients on modalities to efficiently and effectively provide climate finance for mitigation and adaptation and support the identification and development of NAMAs as instrument for climate action and climate finance in developing countries.

SQ Consult experts are team leaders and key experts in projects for the European Commission, UN organisations (UNFCCC secretariat included), multilateral banks, governments within the EU as well as in developing countries, energy companies, NGOs, and research organisations.

SQ Consult staff includes members of Advisory Groups, Expert Groups/Rosters as well as lead authors and expert reviewers (UNFCCC, IPCC, PMR, CDKN, Climate Action Tracker, Green Growth Best Practices)

International expertise

Recent project activities in this area cover Europe & the Caucasus region, Africa, Latin America, and Asia, as well as all many individual developed and developing countries, such as the Netherlands, the UK, Ghana, Armenia, Albania, Peru, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam.




Featured Projects

  • Evaluation of the UK Climate Investment Pilot for the UK Department of Energy and Climate.Impact and process evaluation approaches and will provide options for continuous improvement for the pilot in addition to identifying impacts and lessons for future UK International Climate Fund programmes. 
  • Mainstreaming climate change in EU regional blending facilities. Mainstreaming of climate change mitigation and adaptation issues in the appraisal of investment proposals, as well as the financing of low carbon strategies and NAMAs through the EU blending facilities.
  • Developing the Energy & Climate Strategy for the African Development Bank (AfDB). Energy access to conventional and sustainable energy services in all countries, regional integration and international trade of energy. Analysis of the Bank’s procedures to approve loans and monitor projects, and evaluation of the new financial instruments
  • Feasibility of international power interconnections as CDM (IADB)
    Addressing barriers to the access to carbon finance for international power interconnections projects. 

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