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Energy consumers require sustainable, reliable and affordable energy services, ensured by a proper design of energy and carbon markets.

SQ Consult’s expertise in design and analysis of energy and carbon markets covers emissions trading, green and white certificate mechanisms and carbon crediting mechanisms (including CDM and NAMAs).

We help to understand the impact of changing policy regimes and climate commitments on business opportunities and price setting.

We analyse market developments and support fine-tuning of regulatory and policy frameworks to achieve policy goals.

Using our economic and technical expertise, supported by analytical tools and models, we address national and local energy supply and demand planning issues.

SQ Consult has supported market actors in all sectors (energy, industry, transport and buildings) in the identification, evaluation and development of mitigation projects and technologies.

Our renowned EU ETS experience covers all aspects in design and implementation, including cap setting, allocation, monitoring, reporting and verification.

Our experts have conducted a wide range of capacity building activities in system implementation and understanding market impacts.

Services and Clients

We support public clients, such as European Commission, WorldBank (PMR), UNDP, national governments and implementing agencies.

Design, transposition, and implementation of energy and climate regulation, and the design and optimisation of energy and carbon markets.

We advise on project-based and other mechanisms  (CDM, domestic offset, NAMAs, white certificates).

We advise multinationals in energy and industry on carbon management and carbon market strategies.

SQ Consult experts lead and act as key experts in technical assistance projects for EuropeAid, World Bank, EBRD, and UNDP.

SQ Consult experts provide (in-company) trainings, design university courses, and participate in various advisory boards and expert groups.

International expertise

SQ Consult has built up extensive expertise in energy and carbon markets in Europe. We apply this expertise across the globe to design new markets or to optimise the functioning of existing ones.

Our experts have provided technical assistance on energy and carbon markets in Europe, EFTA countries, Russia, Turkey, Latin America, Africa, and Asia (including China).

Featured Projects

  • Interaction electricity market reform and EU climate policies.  Understanding of reforms on national power markets within the EU, with focus on the decarbonisation of the power sector and growth of renewable energy on the European market. (EC)
  • ETS capacity building China. Support the design and implementation of emission trading in China.  Development and roll-out of an extensive training programme, the set-up and execution of a helpdesk and the formation of rapid response teams to support the Chinese government with detailed technical issues related to the set-up of emissions trading in China. 
  • MRVA framework and guidance for EU ETS. Updating and developing guidance material, exemplars and templates regarding EU ETS MRVA. Supporting the Commission in assessing MS compliance with EU ETS MRVA requirements as well as organising and carrying out bilateral follow-up actions on areas of potential non-compliance and issues that need further improvement, and on identification of best practices.
  • Impact of the EU ETS on low carbon actions and investment decisions by EU industry. Support in the impact assessment and evaluation (according to REFIT guidelines) for DG CLIMA view to a legislative proposal to be put forward by the Commission in 2015.

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