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Natural resources required for production and consumption are finite. The concept of circular economy aims to keep these resources circling in loops, moving from one value chain to the next, minimizing waste.

Moving towards a circular economy requires large changes in society and has implications for every value chain of products and services.

Circular economy cannot be realised without increase in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, bringing GHG emissions to zero.

SQ Consult has expertise on circular economy, value chain sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy, in many different sectors (industry, energy, infrastructure, bioeconomy, built environment) and different markets.

We develop, evaluate and assist implementation of strategies and policies related to sustainable value chains, energy efficiency and renewable energy in projects around the world on international, national, sectoral, local and company level.

SQ Consult has the skills and expertise to organise and facilitate stakeholder consultations and dialogues aimed at defining, aligning and implementing strategies, sustainability criteria, action plans and programs.

Services and Clients

SQ Consult is strongly involved in the introduction of effective bioeconomy certification systems securing the sustainability of the supply chains, advising policy makers, public agencies, NGOs and the private sector.

SQ Consult has extensive knowledge of the energy efficiency policies and legislation (acquis) of the European Union and new market based instruments for energy efficiency, such as white certificates.

SQ Consult is very familiar with the complexity of energy systems at global, regional, national and local level, with a focus on the growing sustainability demands and renewable energy objectives on these systems.

We have worked on the different policy and regulatory regimes to enable the growth of renewable energy. This includes green certificates and purchase obligation policies.

International expertise

In the area of sustainable production and consumption, SQ Consult and its experts have carried out projects around the world, working for public and private clients in Europe, Africa, South America, and South East Asia.

Featured Projects

  • Energy storage: market designs and regulatory incentives. The objective of the study is to describe and analyse how different market designs and regulatory incentives can help or hinder the development of new energy storage technologies in the gas and electricity sectors.
  • Analysis of white and green certificates as market-based mechanisms to attract additional revenues for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments by Polish SMEs (EBRD). Comparative Analysis of market-based Mechanisms aiming at attracting additional revenues for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments by Polish SMEs in the context of EBRD’s second Polish Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (PolSEFF2).
  • Evaluation Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EC). Specific focus in the project is on identifying the wider potential benefits (and costs) of energy efficiency. 
  • Green growth strategies: Prioritization of green growth options and pathways. The report pulls together the many tangible benefits that governments and communities are realizing through the adoption of green growth policies.

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