Commercial energy services: a win-win combination

June 2012

Authors: Monique Voogt and Wendy Dubbeld

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Benchmarking certification systems for sustainability of biomass and biofuels

April 2012

Authors: Jinke van Dam, Sergio Ugarte, Sjors van Iersel, Rosaria Chifari

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Trends and lessons learned in industrial energy and climate policies

January 2012

Authors: Dian Phylipsen, Mirjam Harmelink, Monique Voogt, Mark van Wees, Lynn Price

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After international trade of biofuels, solid biomass flourishes. Same risks, same solutions?

December 2011

Authors: Jinke van Dam, Sergio Ugarte, Laetitia Ouillet

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Renewable energy and carbon markets: Allies or enemies?

June 2011

Authors: Dian Phylipsen, Edgar Hernán Cruz Martínez and Monique Voogt

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Roadmap to an organized global commodity market of bioenergy carriers

February 2011

Authors: Ivan Rodriguez, Jinke van Dam, Adam L. Reed, Sergio Ugarte

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