Manisha Gulati Stronger consideration of energy poverty in energy efficiency policy How credible standards can help companies deliver the 2030 Agenda Liliana Gamba Verification of the World Bank Pilot Auction Facility Lucy Candlin Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan Serbia Presentation of new report: A new energy market for a new country (Catalonia) Industrial energy efficiency policy in Vietnam Renewable energy infrastructure and smart grids for the Island of Saba Funding for the international roll-out of the CO2-Performance Ladder Evaluation of LIFE Integrated Projects Expansion of New Entrants Reserve (NER) 300 system Philips Lighting Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency Circular economy and value chain sustainability Evaluation of energy access proposals for the Mekong region Support to Philips Lighting in climate finance and carbon markets Capacity building on emission trading in China New report on options for integrating 1G and 2G biofuel plants Coordination workgroup ETS under ECRAN Support to the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism Support to the Commission and Member States on EU ETS MRVA Assessment of applications for the New Entrants&Closures (NEC) under EU ETS EP ITRE Framework contract energy and climate policy support for the European Parliament Evaluation of the UK Climate Investment Pilot Revision of the EU Emissions Trading System SQ Consult co-authors LEDS Global Partnership case study: 100% sustainable energy island Bottlenecks for energy storage in the European electricity system Market designs and regulatory incentives for energy storage Evolution of first generation biofuel production sites (RES-T-BIOPLANT) European Parliament Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) European Commission DG DEVCO Evaluation of thw pilot Energie Performance Keuring (EPK) High-Level Government of Vietnam Mission to the EU-institutions Presentations CO2 Performance Ladder Options for evolution of first generation biofuel production sites (RES-T-BIOPLANT) Publication LEDS Green Practices Case Study Renewables on Saba Publication on policy instruments and co-regulation for the sustainability of value chains Renewable energy and climate change university course Training Taiwanese officials on renewable energy and low carbon energy policies Evaluation of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive College of Europe Julia Larkin Climate Change Court Commentary Impact of the EU ETS on low carbon actions and investment decisions by EU industry Review of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme Book published on Policy Instruments for Sustainability of Value Chains Interaction European electricity markets and climate policies Towards a sustainable Energy Union Chinese government representatives in Europe for study tour on emissions trading Towards effective NAMAs: tapping knowledge from policy evaluation What’s the time? (for Lima call’s actions) Review green and white certificate schemes in Poland SQ supporting a new approach to NAMA development Electricity market reforms (ERMs) and discussed Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms (CRMs) Impact of the EU ETS on low carbon actions and investment decisions by EU industry September 2014: SQ Consult turns five! Marion Vieweg De noodzaak tot veranderingen in de stroom- en CO2 markt Allocating CO2 emission to heat and electricity New report: Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences Purchasing departments as game changers for sustainability Bart van der Ree Policy/benchmark instruments for the deployment of biofuels in the aviation sector Due diligence: investigation of performance of a large energy company Sustainable development of the Serbian energy sector Mainstreaming climate change in EU regional blending facilities Global policy benchmark for water and energy efficiency in the built environment Reporting on the developments in sustainable energy in the NL Domestic offsetting of GHG emissions in the Netherlands Due diligence: an investigation into the performance of a large Dutch Utility company. Training ETS MRV regulation in Turkey Bringing biojet fuels to the market Study: Benchmark of Policy Instruments for the Deployment of Biofuels in the Aviation Sector CO2 Performance Ladder: Priorities and ambitions SQ Consult to support Chinese authorities in implementation emissions trading Facilitating energy transition Energy efficiency policies Philippines Sustainability of supply chains: From trust to proof Energy efficiency policies Philippines Fossil fuel subsidies for power production in Germany Information Bulletin on Sustainable Biomass Policies (April 2013 – October 2013) Informatiesheet (onbeperkt) salderen van electriciteit Report: Betting for Best Quality Sustainability Certification for Biomass, Soy and Palmoil Report: Bioenergy Sustainability Scheme Changes and Cross-acceptance of Certificates Options for small emitters in the aviation sector in the EU ETS Policy/benchmark instruments for the deployment of biofuels in the aviation sector Market strategy in sustainable urban energy development Due diligence of wind and geothermal power plants in Nicaragua Capacity Remuneration Markets in Europe Report: Competition in the Wood Waste Sector in Europe – Overview of Policies and Markets Effectiveness of co-regulation for biomass sustainability Edwin Dalenoord Co-regulation: “Fashion or effective tool for the sustainability of global biomass supply chains?” Information Bulletin on Sustainable Biomass Policies (October 2012 – March 2013) Report: Lessons learned from the European Recognition of Private Certification Schemes for Public R CSR report and strategy energy company