April 29th

Presentation of new report: A new energy market for a new country (Catalonia)

On 29 April 2016, Fundació Josep Irla presents in a special event in Barcelona the study elaborated by SQ Consult: "A new energy market for a new country".

The study was commissioned by Fundació Josep Irla to address two main questions:
How should the energy market be designed in the coming republic of Catalonia?
What guidelines should Catalonia follow to go from an oligopolistic energy market towards a market with a level playing field that provides sustainable, affordable and reliable energy to all its citizens, while supporting the competitiveness of the Catalan industry and protecting the most vulnerable population?
The vision formulated in this study is compatible with the EU Energy Union and it is based on five general principles:
Security of supply. The mix of own production capacity and international supply is sufficient, and reliable for all energy needs of the country. The Catalan energy market is resilient to disasters and internal or external shocks.
Affordability and competitiveness. Energy prices are affordable and do not hinder the competitiveness of the Catalan industry. Access to affordable energy is guaranteed to everyone, especially to population vulnerable to energy poverty.
Sustainability. Catalonia transits towards a decarbonised and sustainable energy sector
Freedom of consumer choice. Catalonian energy consumers are free to choose their preferred supplier of energy, including the choice for self-production. Self-production of energy is promoted and not hindered by regulation.
Prevention of oligopoly abuse. Stakeholders are offered a level playing field to compete in the energy market. Rules to prevent oligopolies are in place. Decisions and governance in the energy market are done with transparency and with public participation.

Fundació Josep Irla is a Catalan Think Tank promoting freedom, democracy, social justice and sovereignty.

The Catalan version of the report can be found here
The English version of the report can be found here

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