May 10th

SQ Consult launches its first Horizon 2020 project - STAR-ProBio

SQ Consult is pleased to announce the launch of STAR-ProBio, its first Horizon 2020 research project. The launching event of this 3-year project will take place in Berlin on 18 May. STAR-ProBio will support the European Commission in the full implementation of European policy initiatives, including the Lead Market Initiative in bio-based products, the industrial policy and the European Bio-economy Strategy.

STAR-ProBio will develop sustainability assessment tools for bio-based products with the highest actual market penetration and highest potential for the future markets. STAR-ProBio integrates the scientific, engineering, social sciences approaches of fifteen consortium partners to formulate guidelines for a common framework promoting the development of regulations and standards supporting the adoption of business innovation models in the bio-based products sector.

The aim of STAR-ProBio is to cover gaps in the existing policy framework for sustainability assessment and market-pull of bio-based products, and improve consumer acceptance by identifying the critical sustainability issues in their value chains. This will be achieved by developing a fit-for-purpose sustainability scheme, including standards, labels and certifications. The specific objectives of STAR-ProBio are to:
• Develop an harmonised approach for environmental LCA, Social-LCA and techno-economic LCC assessment of bio-based products;
• Identify gaps regarding sustainability indicators, requirements and criteria;
• Develop a fit-for-purpose and reliable sustainability scheme;
• Develop an approach to identify and mitigate the risk of negative ILUC effects;
• Encourage market pull for bio-based products;
• Spread awareness about sustainable production of bio-based products.

SQ Consult will participate of all benchmarking and market assessment activities, and will lead the project activities related to:
• Determination of relevant bio-products acceptance drivers for consumers, producers and businesses;
• Coherence check of defined sustainability criteria and indicators with the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and other relevant sustainability initiatives;
• Development of the blueprint of rules managing the proposed certification scheme;
• Analysis of the applicability of the proposed sustainability scheme in the current regulatory framework;
• Knowledge transfer, training and dissemination activities of the consortium.

The fifteen-partners consortium includes research and private sector institutions from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The consortium will be led by UNITELMA Sapienza Universita of Italy.

STAR-ProBio receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 727740, Work Programme BB-01-2016: Sustainability schemes for the bio-based economy.


For more information contact Sergio Ugarte, SQ Consult, P.O. Box 8239, 3503 RE Utrecht, The Netherlands

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