SQ Consult advises both public and private clients. In this way we are close to the development of new policies as well as to the practical implementation of response strategies.

Our references illustrates the solid and long-term track record of our team members in energy transition, climate policies and strategies, and sustainability.

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FWC DG ENER economic assistance energy EC DG ENER 

Framework contract for the economic assistance in the fields of energy and transport and mobility policies. Services required involve tasks in general affairs in the field of energy, transport and mobility (planning, external dimension and enlargement, etc.), security of supply, energy markets, future role of conventional and unconventional fossil fuels, networks and smart grids, new and renewable sources of energy, energy efficiency and innovation, nuclear energy, European mobility network, innovative and sustainable mobility, transport security issues, logistics, maritime and land transport including safety issues, and aviation.

Multi-country technical assistance towards implementation of the new Paris Climate Agreement EC EuropeAid 

EU project that aims to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, and to assist in developing a resource-efficient, low-emissions and climate-resilient economy. The geographical scope of the project is Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey.

Evaluatie van het project “Energiebesparing door afstellen klimaatinstallaties” Provincie Noord-Brabant 

Het doel van het project “Energiebesparing door afstellen klimaatinstallaties” is om energiebesparing te realiseren bij bedrijven in Noord-Brabant in de sector handel, diensten en overheid door de betere afstelling van klimaatinstallaties. De ex-post evaluatie bepaalt het resultaat en effectiviteit van deze maatregel en doet aanbevelingen voor vervolgacties door de provincie Noord-Brabant.  


Evaluation of proposals presented to the LIFE programme EASME 

SQ Consult experts Sergio Ugarte and Eliska Bystricky participated as evaluators of proposals for regular an integrated projects presented to the LIFE Programme in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation. The LIFE programme is funded by the European Commission and managed by EASME (European Executive Agency for SME). Tasks included the participation as advisors to EASME’s Decision Panel for final award of financing.

Guidance to Energy Poverty Working Group in Catalonia Generalitat de Catalunya 

SQ Consult expert Sergio Ugarte assisted the Government of Catalonia with the implementation of the working group for the prevention and mitigation of energy poverty in Catalonia. Consultancy activities included the technical facilitation of discussions between different stakeholders (policy makers, energy companies, civil society organisations, etc.) and advising on the design of energy efficiency programmes specifically designed for the prevention of energy poverty.

Roadmap for the Low Carbon Development of the Energy Sector of the Maldives Asian Development Bank 

 Development of a roadmap for the low carbon developement of the energy sector of the Maldives to achieve  a 70% reduction target in the consumption of imported fossil fuels. The roadmap establishes action lines to transit from a fossil fuel based energy sector to a cost effective, business competitive and affordable low-carbon future. Specific actions include energy efficiency measures and fuel substitution in electricity production, desalinization and supply of drinking water, sea and road transport and in the housing and fishing industry sectors. 

Supporting the establishment of a National Designated Entity for the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) 

The UNFCCC Technology Mechanism facilitates technical support to developing countries through technology cooperation, in part through its implementation arm, the Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN). Each country has a national designated entity (NDE) to coordinate its activity in this area. In this project, SQ Consult supported RVO in the decision-making about establishing such an NDE in the Netherlands at RVO.


Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan Serbia GFA Consulting 

GFA Consulting Group leads a consortium preparing a comprehensive national cross-sectoral climate change strategy and action plan for Serbia. This includes identification and assessment of the cost-effective GHG mitigation potential for Serbia, while taking into account policies and goals, and assess opportunities for and costs of climate change adaptation. The project will support the implementation of the (i)NDC. A quantitative model (including PRIMES) is used for baseline and mitigation scenario analysis (2030 and 2050). Monique Voogt of SQ Consult is contracted as senior non-key expert by GFA. She supports the assessment of the climate change policy framework and the development of the Climate Change Strategy, in particular by advising on the EU climate and energy acquis and climate and energy policies.

Industrial energy efficiency policy in Vietnam World Bank / GEF 

Dian Phylipsen and Monique Voogt supported the government of Vietnam in the development of voluntary agreements on industrial energy efficiency in the context of a large project on Clean Production and Energy Efficiency (CPEE) funded by GEF. The assignment, governed by the Project Management Unit in the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, includes the following activities:

  • An update of the earlier evaluation of existing experiences with voluntary agreements (VAs) and lessons learned in Western Europe and an extension of the evaluation to countries outside Europe, including in a number of developing countries (China, South Korea, Indonesia);
  • Development of the VA programme, including various stakeholder consultation meetings;
  • Development of implementation guidelines
  • Development of the text of the voluntary agreement document.
EP ITRE Framework contract energy and climate policy support for the European Parliament European Parliament ITRE 

SQ Consult is member of a consortium selected for a framework contract for het European Parliament, committee for industry, research and energy (ITRE). Objective is to support the Committee in energy and climate change issues through analysis and technical and policy briefings.


High-Level Government of Vietnam Mission to the EU-institutions EuropeAid 

Sergio Ugarte of SQ Consult prepared and guided a high-level mission of Vietnamese government officials to EU institutions to discuss energy and climate change policies and areas for cooperation and policy dialogue 

Training Taiwanese officials on renewable energy and low carbon energy policies College of Europe 

SQ Consult experts trained Taiwanese officials on low carbon technologies en strategies, on renewable energy and climate policies, and on climate finance. The training was part of a Summer School organised by the College of Europe

Evaluation of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive EC DG Energy 

SQ Consult participated in a consortium advising the European Commission DG Energy on the evaluation and impact assessment of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Specific focus in the project is on identifying the wider potential benefits (and costs) of energy efficiency. SQ Consult is lead responsible for the part on the impact assessment.

Interaction European electricity markets and climate policies EC (DG Climate Action) 

 SQ Consult lead the consortium that supported DG CLIMA in increasing its understanding of proposed, ongoing and recently implemented reforms on national power markets within the EU, with a specific focus on the decarbonisation of the power sector and growth of renewable energy on the European market. The work includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis to gain an in-depth understanding on the interactions between the influencing factors and flexibility measures that impact or address system adequacy and capacity adequacy. The final aims of the study were to determine under which conditions the EU energy-only market combined with the EU ETS carbon market can generate the necessary investment incentives for a decarbonising power sector.


Review green and white certificate schemes in Poland EBRD 

A consortium led by Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH has elaborated  a Comparative Analysis of market-based Mechanisms aiming at attracting additional revenues for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments by Polish SMEs in the context of EBRD’s second Polish Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (PolSEFF2). The identified instruments relate to (i) carbon markets, (ii) energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and (iii) green procurement. SQ Consult contributed with an assessment of the white and green certificate scheme in Poland

Policy/benchmark instruments for the deployment of biofuels in the aviation sector IATA 

Benchmark of global policy instruments to achieving CO2 savings with biofuels in the aviation sector. Economic impacts analysis of a series of policy instruments combinations under different economic scenarios (2013-2050).

Sustainable development of the Serbian energy sector EuropeAid 

SQ Consult associate Mark van Wees supported the Serbian Government in: approximation to the EU climate change acquis; building local capacity on greenhouse gas scenario analysis; identification of mitigation measures in support of climate change policy in Serbia in alignment with the EU; identification of the opportunities to participate in carbon trading and market mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol; new carbon market mechanisms under a post 2012 international climate regime.

Reporting on the developments in sustainable energy in the NL Netherlands Enterprise Agency 

SQ Consult develops a new reporting format for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for the annual reporting on developments in sustainable energy in the Netherlands. Publication of 3 reports in the course of 2014 with focus on role of subsidies, market developments, and policy development for sustainable energy.

CO2 Performance Ladder: Priorities and ambitions CO2 Prestatieladder 

The CO2 Performance Ladder (CO2-Prestatieladder) is a certification scheme for CO2 management which is used in infrastructure tenders. The scheme has a growing number of stakeholders (project owners, contractors, NGO's) with different views and needs. SQ Consult carried out a stakeholder consultation and assisted in setting priorities and ambitions for further development of the scheme.


link: http://cms2009.digitnet.nl/Uploads/CO/AmbitiesenprioriteitenSKAO.pdf


Energy efficiency policies Philippines EuropeAid 

Capacity building mission and training for Philippines policy officers on energy efficiency policies across the EU, and possible application in the Philippines.

Fossil fuel subsidies for power production in Germany Energy company 

SQ Consult analyzed the amount and impact of subsidies for power production in Germany. Commissioned by a consortium of 4 European energy companies.

Policy/benchmark instruments for the deployment of biofuels in the aviation sector International Air Transportation Association (IATA) 

Benchmark of global policy instruments that could be effective in achieving CO2 savings via the deployment of biofuels for the aviation sector. The project included economic impacts analysis of a series of policy instruments combinations under different economic scenarios (2013-2050). This review included different options for the EU ETS market mechanism.

Success factors renewables projects in Limburg Regional government Limburg 

SQ Consult identified success factors for the investment in renewable energy projects in the province of Limburg, Netherlands. In support of the regional sustainable energy policies.


Training renewable energy and sustainability Typhoon Capital 

SQ Consult provided an in-house training to international experts from various offices of Typhoon Capital. The training focused on renewable energy and climate policy and market developments in Europe, and aimed to support the experts in their role as business developer renewable energy.

Support corporate strategy for energy saving services International energy company 

SQ Consult supported the client in developing an in-depth understanding of current and upcoming energy and climate change policy in Europe, and in formulating a strategy for a selection of their service portfolio.

Review of national bioenergy policy papers GNESD UNEP RISOE 

SQ Consult reviewed national bioenergy policies papers from Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, Senegal and Thailand.

Impact of the introduction of a coal tax on the merit order and CO2 balance Eneco/Shell  

In cooperation with the eRisk Group, SQ Consult developed an independent analysis of the impact of the introduction of a coal tax on the merit order and CO2 balance (including leakage). This analysis was presented by Eneco and Shell jointly to their stakeholders.

Providing lessons learned from the EU to Chinese ETS pilots European Commission- DG Clima 

SQ Consult, together with Azure International, has won as assignment to help the European Commission support the development of local and regional ETS systems in China by providing information on experiences and lessons learned in the EU ETS regarding monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation.

Support renewable energy in the Netherlands Zero Emissions Solutions 

SQ Consult reviewed and complemented their analysis on support mechanisms for renewable energy in the Netherlands, and led the discussions on this topic in an interactive stakeholder debate organised in the framework of the Interreg ECO2PROFIT-project.

Eco2profit review support mechanisms renewable energy ZeroEmission Solutions 

SQ Consult reviewed and complemented their analysis on support mechanisms for renewable energy in the Netherlands. Led discussions on this topic in an interactive stakeholder debate organised in the framework of the Interreg ECO2PROFIT-project.

EC Framework contract on climate policy evaluation European Commission 

SQ Consult is part of a consortium led by ICF winning a framework contract to provide the European Commission with support in climate policy evaluation over the next four years - one of only three consortia to qualify for this.

Lessons learned from the EU for Chinese ETS pilots European Commission 

SQ Consult, together with Azure International, supported  the development of local and regional ETS systems in China. Providing information on experiences and lessons learned in the EU ETS onmonitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation. Client: European Commission- DG Clima


Support to 3rd periodic verification: biogas CDM project JAREMAR 

Support for the successful third periodic verification of the Jaremar CDM project. This CDM project consists on biogas capture from waste water from the processing of African palm. The biogas captured is used for the production of electricity and heat.

Evaluation of the NIMS (National Implementation Measures) European Commission - DG CLIMA 

SQ Consult is, together with DNV, supporting the European Commission in evaluating the NIMS, the National Implementation Measures, which set out the free allocation each Member State allocates to EU ETS participants in Phase III (as of 2013) in line with the EU harmonised allocation rules.

Sectoral approaches in China through lessons learned from EU ETS UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office 

Azure, Shandong Energy Conservation Office (SECO), the Chinese Energy Research Institute (ERI) and LBNL are working on a sectoral mechanism for reducing GHG emissions from the cement sector in Shandong Province in China, including research on possibilities for crediting and trading of GHG emission reductions. SQ Consult provides support on allocation and MRV mechanisms that are applied internationally to similar sector-wide industrial energy efficiency and emissions trading programs, including the EU ETS.

Supporting negotiations: 2nd generation Climate Savers Partnership WWF European Policy Office 

Support to WWF European Policy office in the development of a second generation Climate Savers Agreement with a large industrial company for greenhouse gas target setting beyond 2010. Work includes analysis of current performance compared to competitors, assessment of proposals and strategic advice on type and level of targets and broader performance indicators related to sustainable construction and climate change policy positions.

NER 300 Application Air Liquide 

Project/process management as well as stakeholder management for a large industrial company applying for NER 300 subsidy. Project/process management for a team of internal and external consultants as well as partners involved, stakeholder management on governmental level, writing part of the documents, overall quality control of documents and ensuring timely and correct handover of necessary documents.

Greenhouse gas management strategy for real estate investment company Bouwfonds REIM 

For a real estate investment company SQ Consult identified upcoming climate change policies and the likely risks and opportunities for their portfolio.

Developing the EU-UNDP Climate Change Programme UNDP 

On request of UNDP SQ Consult prepared the project fiche for an €8 million project under the EU-UNDP climate change programme. This specific project will support developing countries in their identification of mitigation project and will provide a capacity building program for MRV, NAMAs and LEDS. Moreover it will provide a training facility to support the private sector in selected developing countries in increasing its access to the international carbon market.

Validation and registration of a CDM project for biogas recovery (Honduras) UNDP  

Support during the validation and registration of a CDM project for biogas recovery project, with production of heat and electricity generation from effluents ponds at a palm oil mill in Honduras. Review and update of the Project Design Document, the project calculations and the support documentation was done based on the requests of the Designated Operational Entity and the UNFCCC Secretariat.

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