SQ Consult advises both public and private clients. In this way we are close to the development of new policies as well as to the practical implementation of response strategies.

Our references illustrates the solid and long-term track record of our team members in energy transition, climate policies and strategies, and sustainability.

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Expansion of New Entrants Reserve (NER) 300 system European Commission DG CLIMA 

The project evaluates the current operation and possible options for expansion of the NER 300 programme. The NER 300 programme uses part of the revenues from the auctioning of EU ETS allowances to support innovative renewable energy projects and CCS in Europe. The work is to identify and conduct an impact assessment on options to improve operation of the programme as well as to analyse options for changes in legislation to expand the programme to other types of projects.

Support to Philips Lighting in climate finance and carbon markets Philips Lighting 

 Philips Lighting aims to increase sales of energy efficient lighting technologies and systems in the short tomid-term (until 2020) through enhanced access to climate financing and to carbon pricing and othermechanisms. To support that overall aim, the objectives of our activities are to: 1) Support Philips in stakeholder consultation and provide input for Philips’ lobbying activities topromote that the emerging (UNFCCC) regime for carbon markets is effective and consistent with theneeds of the private sector in active in the area of energy efficiency and that the delivery channelsfor climate finance are effective. 2) Support the identification and development emerging business opportunities for Philips and her partners, through: market and business intelligence on emerging opportunities in key developing countries; capacity building and knowledge sharing within the international Philips organisation; support Philips in capacity building for local public sector in setting up the adequate policy and regulatory framework.

Capacity building on emission trading in China EuropeAid 

SQ Consult is a key partner of a consortium, together with ICF International, Ecofys and SinoCarbon, implementing a project to support the design and implementation of Emissions Trading Systems in China. The project, funded by the European Commission (EuropeAid), will support the Chinese national and regional authorities for a period of three years and will include the development and roll-out of an extensive training programme, the set-up and execution of a helpdesk and the formation of rapid response teams to support the Chinese government with detailed technical issues related to the set-up of emissions trading in China.  

Capacity building activities focus on stakeholders at the national and regional level and cover the topics of :

  • Roadmaps & action plans
  • Cap-setting
  • Allocation
  • Monitoring, reporting, verification & accreditation
  • Registries
  • Market functioning & oversight
  • Other design elements, incl scope, off-setting, overlap with other policies, relation with energy pricing, etc).

Activities include multi-day (regional) training workshops for government and industry representatives, expert exchanges, study tours for Chinese stakeholders to Europe, a knowledge management system, briefing papers, manuals, templates, etc

SQ Consult leads on the topics of roadmaps and MRVA, and has an important supporting role in the cap-setting and alllocation activities.

Coordination workgroup ETS under ECRAN European Commission 

The Environment and Climate Regional Accession Network (ECRAN) aims to strengthen regional cooperation between the EU candidate countries and potential candidates in the fields of environment and climate action. The program will assist them on their way towards the transposition and implementation of the EU environmental and climate policies and instruments. Monique Voogt  coordinates the ECRAN Working Group on ETS. The Working Group will address, in particular, the Commission’s regulation on monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation.



Support to the Commission and Member States on EU ETS MRVA EC DG CLIMA 

SQ Consult supports the European Commission in :

  • Updating and developing guidance material, exemplars and templates regarding EU ETS MRVA
  • Supporting the Commission in assessing MS compliance with EU ETS MRVA requirements as well as organising and carrying out bilateral follow-up actions on areas of potential non-compliance and issues that need further improvement, and on identification of best practices.
  • Providing organisation and secretariat support to the Compliance Forum, i.e. activities ensuring that the Forum itself and the Steering Committee can function properly, day-to-day coordination of the Forum’s work programme, providing technical and administrative support to the Task Forces (TF on Monitoring and Reporting, TF on Accreditation and Verification, TF on Aviation, TF on E-reporting, TF on Carbon and Capture Storage), organisation of two Compliance Conferences and three Compliance Forum Events (in 2015 and 2016), drafting brochures and newsletters promoting the Compliance Forum to a broader audience.
  • Supporting the Commission in the technical analysis of MRVA relevant issues in Article 21 reports that MS have submitted to the Commission on the application of EU ETS requirements.
  • Carrying out a peer review on MRVA issues in Member States (capacity building) 
Assessment of applications for the New Entrants&Closures (NEC) under EU ETS European Commission DG CLIMA 

SQ Consult, with Ecofys and Umweltbundesamt, is  supporting the European Commission in the assessment of New Entrants & Closure applications under the EU Emissions Trading System, assessing whether applications for free allowances from the NER and notifications of capacity reductions and closures are in line with the harmonised allocation rules in the ETS. This assessment will take into account the assessments of applications received so far for free allocation from the NER, issues raised at the helpdesk concerning new entrants and closures questions, as well as feedback collected directly from Competent Authorities. Based on these assessments, suggestions will be made and options defined on how allocation can be organised for the post-2020 period.

EP ITRE Framework contract energy and climate policy support for the European Parliament European Parliament ITRE 

SQ Consult is member of a consortium selected for a framework contract for het European Parliament, committee for industry, research and energy (ITRE). Objective is to support the Committee in energy and climate change issues through analysis and technical and policy briefings.


Impact of the EU ETS on low carbon actions and investment decisions by EU industry European Commission DG CLIMA 

 In a consortium with ICF, ZEW and CE Delft, SQ Consult analysed how the EU ETS has impacted operational decisions and investment decisions on low-carbon activities in various industrial sectors. Work among others includes making an inventory with selected Competent Authorities and business associates on low-carbon activities within their country/sector, discussing specific low-carbon investments and operational programmes with selected industries and analysing the decision making process of businesses.

Review of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme  

The project team provided support in the impact assessment and evaluation (according to REFIT guidelines) for DG CLIMA view to a legislative proposal to be put forward by the Commission in 2015. The evaluation focussed on the current EU ETS structure (i.e. third phase of the EU ETS). A comprehensive intervention logic was developed and a literature review (supplemented by the team’s expert opinion) carried out in order to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, EU-added value and coherence of the EU ETS Directive.

Interaction European electricity markets and climate policies EC (DG Climate Action) 

 SQ Consult lead the consortium that supported DG CLIMA in increasing its understanding of proposed, ongoing and recently implemented reforms on national power markets within the EU, with a specific focus on the decarbonisation of the power sector and growth of renewable energy on the European market. The work includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis to gain an in-depth understanding on the interactions between the influencing factors and flexibility measures that impact or address system adequacy and capacity adequacy. The final aims of the study were to determine under which conditions the EU energy-only market combined with the EU ETS carbon market can generate the necessary investment incentives for a decarbonising power sector.


Impact of the EU ETS on low carbon actions and investment decisions by EU industry  

The project team provided support in the impact assessment and evaluation (according to REFIT guidelines) for DG CLIMA view to a legislative proposal to be put forward by the Commission in 2015. The evaluation focussed on the current EU ETS structure (i.e. third phase of the EU ETS). A comprehensive intervention logic was developed and a literature review (supplemented by the team’s expert opinion) carried out in order to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, EU-added value and coherence of the EU ETS Directive. For support for the impact assessment the project team carried out an assessment of a set of policy options in line with the conclusions of the European Council of October 2014.

Sustainable development of the Serbian energy sector EuropeAid 

SQ Consult associate Mark van Wees supported the Serbian Government in: approximation to the EU climate change acquis; building local capacity on greenhouse gas scenario analysis; identification of mitigation measures in support of climate change policy in Serbia in alignment with the EU; identification of the opportunities to participate in carbon trading and market mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol; new carbon market mechanisms under a post 2012 international climate regime.

Domestic offsetting of GHG emissions in the Netherlands Ministry of I&M 

The Dutch government does not promote voluntary CO2 market projects (under the Gold Standard or VCS) in the Netherlands. Dutch organisations can realise greenhouse gas emissions, however but there is no possibility to monetise these reductions. The study investigates the policy implications for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment if a domestic offset scheme is established in the Netherlands. The study takes a bottom up approach, is characterised by stakeholder participation and is focused to deliver an advice that supports investment in the capture of CO2 or in technologies that reduce CO2 emissions.

Training ETS MRV regulation in Turkey World Bank 

Under the World Bank PMR program, SQ Consult organizes and contributes to trainings for the Competent Authority and operators in Turkey on the monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions under the ETS.


Fossil fuel subsidies for power production in Germany Energy company 

SQ Consult analyzed the amount and impact of subsidies for power production in Germany. Commissioned by a consortium of 4 European energy companies.

Options for small emitters in the aviation sector in the EU ETS European Commission DG CLIMA 

SQ Consult supported the assessment of the costs of the application of the EU ETS to aviation small emitters and the evaluation of options and instruments for simplifications of the requirements. This involved assessment of new instruments that could be adopted to accommodate small emitters in EU ETS aviation, including ETS schemes and fuel tax systems in the US, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia. SQ Consult also provided input of legal and MRV issues in addressing the project’s question.

Modelling Energy Service Obligation Private client 

Analysis of the impact of the proposed energy saving obligation (article 6.1) under the Energy Efficiency Directive on the core markets for electricity and heat. Within this project we developed a quantitative model that was used to determine the impact of an 1.5%  energy saving obligation on: the energy sales, the growth of the energy related services and the financial consequences for different business units of the utility company.

Capacity development power sector Belgium Energy company 

SQ Consult assessed future energy price and power capacity development in Belgium with the context of the North-West European power market.

Support to the European Commission for the Compliance Forum EU ETS 2012+2013 European Commission 

Support to DG Clima in exchange of information on monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU ETS. Work includes organisation of expert meetings and conferences, preparation of discussion documents, policy development and organising the electronic debate between Member States. Including aviation sector.

Economic Instruments for Transport and the Built Environment European Commission 

SQ Consult, together with CE Delft and Cambridge Econometrics, is supporting the European Commission in assessing the feasibility of extending the EU emissions trading system to the transport sector and the built environment, as part of the debate on a long-term structural reform of the EU ETS, see: http://ec.europa.eu/clima/policies/ets/reform/index_en.htm



Energy from waste water treatment plants Lebanon UNDP 

Feasibility assessment for the production of heat and power from the waste water treatment plants in Lebanon. Work included the preparation of the technical specifications for the preparation of the bidding documents for the most promising selected sites.

Technical assistance to define the feasibility of international power interconnections as CDM IADB 

SQ Consult proposed, with ClimateFocus, alternatives to overcome barriers to the access to carbon finance for international power interconnections projects. Traditional CDM modalities, voluntary markets and post 2012 instruments (NAMAs) were evaluated and recommendations on future strategy was given to Energy Ministries in the Latin American Region in order to access international carbon finance to develop these projects.


Designing the assessment process for new entrants, cessations and closures in the EU ETS Phase III European Commission 

After the start of Phase III of the EU ETS, new applications for free allocation will be made by new entrants (new plants and capacity extensions). Similarly, existing plants may close or experience a (partial) cessation, with consequences for their allocation. SQ Consult, together with UBA (Austria) is supporting the European Commission in the development of the methodology to evaluate such applications in view of the harmonised allocation rules (similar to that done in the NIMs for incumbents).

Supporting the evaluation of the NIMS (EU ETS Phase III) for EFTA countries EFTA (European Free Trade Association) 

Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein also participate in the EU ETS, and therefore must submit a NIMs (National Implementation Measures), outlining the free allocation provided to national industries in Phase III. The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) has the role to evaluate these plans for propoer application of the harmonised allocation rules. SQ Consult, together with DNV, supported this evaluation process, similar to that carried out for EU countries for the European Commission.

Design NL supplier obligation system Ministry EL&I 

In a consortium led by NERA consulting, SQ Consult supported the Dutch government in their design of the national renewable energy support system. Development of a detailed energy model for the Netherlands. Analysis of scenarios on the design of the future Dutch support system against criteria as formulated in the Dutch energy report 2011. Various options for continuation of the SDE+ support mechanisms and the options for introducing a supply obligation and renewable energy certificate system.

Overview of the Peruvian energy sector and attractiveness for Korean investments Large Asian utility 

Overview of the Peruvian energy sector  and attractiveness for Korean investments. Work included analysis of the Peruvian legal framework, analysis of the mining sector and the opportunities that it creates for the energy sector, state of the art of the renewable energies in Peru, analysis of private power purchase agreeements (PPPs), and electricity price forecast under different scenarios.

Benchmark of EU national systems for biofuel sustainability and implementation of a national system Comisión Nacional de la Energía - Spain 

This project was divided in two phases. The first phase comprehended a full benchmark of national sustainability systems in the EU, considering aspects of CoC, auditability, level of assurance, verification mechanisms, special rules for proving compliance with the sustainability criteria on land and GHG emissions savings. The second phase consisted in the design of the Spanish national sustainability system; special focus was given to the mass balance rules, and the requirements for auditability of the system.

Development of an energy and climate change strategy for the African Development Bank African Development Bank 

SQ Consult contributed to a continental energy and climate change strategy for the African Development Bank. Energy access to conventional and sustainable energy services in all countries, regional integration and international trade of energy. Analysis of the Bank’s procedures to approve loans and monitor projects, and evaluation of the new financial instruments.

Jatropha biofuels for Dominican Republic  

Techno-economic feasibility study for the construction of sustainable farms and medium sized jatropha biodiesel plants in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The study included a market study, sustainability analysis under US and EU sustainability obligations, technology selection, and CDM possibilities analysis.

Position paper: which role for gas in the energy transition? Energie Beheer Nederland 

Position paper on the role for gas to play in energy transition. SQ Consult studied both the demand for gas in the current and future energy system as well as the policy changes needed to secure the production of Dutch gas towards 2030. Collaboration with eRisk Group.

Overview of the Peruvian energy sector and attractiveness for Korean investments Energy company 

Overview of the Peruvian energy sector  and attractiveness for Korean investments. Work included analysis of the Peruvian legal framework, analysis of the mining sector and the opportunities that it creates for the energy sector, state of the art of the renewable energies in Peru, analysis of private power purchase agreements (PPPs), and electricity price forecast under different scenarios. Client: large Asian energy company.

Greenhouse gas savings determination of planned bioethanol plant International bioethanol developer and operator 

Calculation of the RED (Directive 2009/28/EC) compliant Greenhouse Gas balance for a planned bioethanol facility in Poland.



Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Legislation (Kazakhstan) Agentschap NL 

SQ Consult supported the Kazakhstan government in drafting energy efficiency and renewable energy policy and legislation. The advice was based on an assessment of Dutch and international best practices. Topics included energy auditing and reporting, and voluntary agreements. Draft legislation was reviewed by SQ Consult.

Energy Strategy for multilateral bank Multilateral Bank 

Portfolio analysis, analysis of financial instruments and their efficiency in achieving strategic pillars of the energy strategy of a multilateral Bank: Fostering cleaner energies and increasing access to modern energy services.

Production methods: jatropha biodiesel plant (Dominican Republic) PHS Group Inc. 

Study of the most suitable production methods for the local supply of jatropha oil to a 50kton/year biodiesel plant. The study includes a benchmark of contracting frameworks and financial incentives to local suppliers.

Financial regulatory analysis: renewable energy (Colombia) World Bank  

International benchmarking of financial regulatory elements. Identification of the regulatory measures suitable to Colombia via stakeholders consultations.

Development of a biomass certification label North-West European utility 

Presentation and advice to the international experts and strategy group of a large European utility contributing to their elaboration of ideas for a roadmap towards a successful certification label and in the analysis including how this will could affect the group's integral bioenergy business strategy

Evaluation of concept projects: ACP-EU 2nd energy facility European Commission 

Evaluation of the technical and economic  feasibility of renewable energy, energy efficiency and governance development concept notes projects presented to the second EU Energy Facility for the ACP region (African and Caribbean Countries, and Pacific Islands States). Projects aimed at improving affordable energy access and fighting poverty in rural and peri-urban areas. A total of eighty concept notes projects were evaluated in three continents.

National Bioenergy Strategy Plan (Lebanon) UNDP 

Developing a National Bioenergy Strategy for Lebanon, which includes a sustainable bioenergy chains potential assessment (2030 horizon) and an impact assessment on regional level based on 2 sustainability levels under different bioenergy business scenarios. Work included barriers analysis and financial analysis of the implementation of several technical conversion options.

Renewable energy tariff calculations (Peru) COSANAC 

Supervision of the analysis performed by different international experts assigned to the project. Setting up a database of national energy resources and costs of potential projects. Organisation of programmatic activities between the Peruvian regulatory body and their peers in Spain and Germany.

Technical assistance & capacity building of African Power Pools European Commission 

Capacity assessment of the four regional African Power Pools (WAPP, EAPP, CAPP, SAPP) and the continental African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR). Formulation of the EU technical assistance for the promotion of sustainable energy production and the strengthening of regional trade markets and power integration.

Impact assessment regulatory framework RES North-West European utility 

SQ Consult supported a Dutch player in the energy sector to enhance its understanding on the current debate on proposed changes in the Dutch regulatory framework for renewable energy support. Ad-hoc support was provided to analyse impact of various proposals, organise internal brainstorm sessions and determining position in the debate.

Assessment of local sustainable energy companies in the Netherlands North-West European utility 

SQ Consult was asked to make an inventory on current plans and activities for municipality-led initiatives to set up sustainable energy companies in the Netherlands. The work supported the client’s strategic positioning in this area. The work includes an internal brainstorm session at their headquarters, in-house and external interviews and a SWOT analysis for the client on risks and opportunities in this area.

Advice on business model: solar energy company (France) Dutch Business Developer  

Guideline on legal requirements best fitting the client’s business model for its ambitions in France.

Cooperation mechanisms under the RES directive: study of inter-state coordination in the US RECS International 

Short position paper using the inspiration of the US renewables market and the level of integration of regional power pools to draw tentative solutions for the use of cooperation mechanisms of the RES Directive between EU Member States.

Analysis of Dutch biomass market Eemflow  

Analyzing the growth of the biomass market in the Netherlands with associated impact on the merit order  in order to understand how the Dutch renewable ambitions could form a basis for the business case of large scale electricity storage.

Biogas plant opportunities for the Dairy industry (Gipuzkoa) URKOME: Rural Development Association 

The objective of this project was recognizing the opportunities to use biogas technology in dairy farms in Gipuzkoa as energy and environmental solution. If favorable, promote and facilitate its implementation, now or in the coming future.

International case studies to overcome barriers on RE market introduction Social and Economic Council (Basque Country) 

International best case examples of how to overcome the barriers in the implementation of Renewable Energies in the Basque Region. 9 international cases were studied.

Development of a Sustainable Energy Town Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa 

With support of the current local administration, SQ Consult designed a full new energy supply for the small rural town: Beizama. Solid biomass (pellet for heating) were considered along with biogas from farms, geothermal, wind and solar energy. The result does not only yield techno- economical results, but also dives into  social acceptance, the management and local authority position, investment attractiveness, etc.

Renewable energy development plan for the Basque Country LKS S.coop 

Knowledge development on renewable energies in the Basque Country for building an opinion about future Regional Energy Plan. The project includes among others: identification of potentials 2020 - 2050, technology and cost outlook, barrier analysis and analysis of learning curves. Several scenarios and solutions developed for decision makers.

Sustainable energy planning for the region Gipuzkoa Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa 

SQ Consult advises the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa on the development of a Sustainable Energy Plan for the province, including the diagnosis and development of the first actions for 2015 – 2020. In this  stage SQ develops 1) the Energy diagnosis of the province 2) the Renewable energy and energy efficiency potentials (including SWOT analysis and socio-economical impacts of them) and 3) sets the first actions included in the future Sustainable Energy Plan of Gipuzkoa.

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