SQ Consult offers a strong network of experts with a proven track record in climate and energy policies, energy and carbon markets, sustainable production and consumption, and in climate negotiations and finance.

For each assignment, we build international expert teams. Our experts are committed to delivering sustainable quality and follow our quality control procedures to deliver results . Our customers choose the expert they need for their project.

Stephanie Ruelle

Nationality: French

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 628858167

Marion Vieweg

Nationality: German

Location: Germany


Liliana Gamba

Nationality: Colombia

Location: Germany

Phone: +49 17624136225

Christian Rodriguez

Nationality: Chilean

Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile

Phone: +56 274301362

Sergio Ugarte

Nationality: Spanish

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 661485801

Eliska Bystricky

Nationality: Czech

Location: Toulouse, France

Phone: +33 6 25 70 58 33

Edwin Dalenoord

Nationality: Dutch

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 (0) 6 413 697 90

Mark van Wees

Nationality: Dutch

Location: The Netherlands

Phone: +31 655883478

Monique Voogt

Nationality: Dutch

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

Phone: +31 617500196

Dian Phylipsen

Nationality: Dutch

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

Phone: +31 655804619

Vincent Swinkels

Nationality: Dutch

Location: Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 610997223

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