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SQ Consult celebrates its 10th anniversary with a blogging marathon

Founded in 2009, SQ Consult is a dedicated and flexible consultancy firm, with a strong international focus. Our founding partners shared a vision of independent consultancy based on quality and seniority. We will celebrate SQ Consult’s 10th anniversary this year. To celebrate this occasion, we will publish a series of blogs on topics that we are interested and we expect you are also. Topics that are at the centre of climate action, sustainable development and the energy transition. Topics on which we have build much experience on. They illustrate the range of our work over the last 10 years as well as our future scope and interests.

  • Carbon/energy neutral cities; does it make sense?
  • E-mobility: just a matter of time?
  • MRV in carbon pricing instruments: making it work
  • Distributional impacts of climate policies: keeping it fair
  • Coal transition: making it happen
  • Non-state actors in the UNFCCC: getting them on board
  • Sustainability certification for biobased products: getting them to the market
  • Transitions in infrastructure: speeding up a sluggish sector

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Dealing with climate change is complex. It requires ambitious, equitable and realistic targets, consistent policies, effective markets and implementation support, including climate finance, technology transfer and capacity building.

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Mark van Wees

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Mark van Wees

Research, consultancy, technical assistance and project management in the EU, Central and Eastern Europe, South East Europe, and in developing countries. 

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