Recovering better in the post-Corona world

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Recovering better in the post-Corona world

In a memorable speech Secretary-General António Guterres expressed the UN’s firm determination to prevent the corona crisis from derailing sustainable development efforts while laying out a vision for the affected to build back better.


As Guterres identifies, tackling the health emergency is the first priority. While this is driving our lives and our work today, we follow his directions to also look at the possibilities to recover better from the crisis. In our work that among means identifying how we can develop opportunities to further support energy transition and addressing climate change in the post-corona world. As well as supporting a progressive transformation of economy and society to foster sustainable development. No one can yet predict whether and to which extent such opportunities can be achieved. But as we learn today, cooperation and innovative thinking may be a fruitful basis for large steps forward. In protecting many lives today and contributing to improved sustainability tomorrow. 

Some of the opportunities we will explore in following blogs:

  1. Could remote working become the new norm? It will help avoiding vast amounts of emissions from commute to work and from replacing a significant part of our business travels by teleconferencing and other forms of distance communication. What are the setbacks for the society that need to be addressed?
  2. Could there be a silver lining in the severe impact of the corona pandemic on the transportation sector? For example by directing economic recovery support for this sector towards sustainable transportation.
  3. How can we use the increased valuation of local resilience to restructure our communities? What are the sustainability priorities our cities should look at post corona? What opportunities are available to expedite energy saving and advance local renewable energy supply?

Next to these forward looking blogs we will share some analysis of the current impact of the corona pandemic  in our areas of expertise to help identify what changes may be needed to existing energy and climate policies and measures.

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