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Adam L. Reed

Attorney and policy expert with expertise in U.S. and international energy, environmental, and resource law.

Adam L. Reed

Adam's work focuses on communication, knowledge, and regulatory problems across markets and governance institutions that may hinder the emergence of sustainable energy systems at scale.

Adam aims to address such problems by:
Defining shared and interdisciplinary knowledge bases between natural and social scientists, energy engineers and managers, regulators, policymakers, and the public; Streamlining and harmonizing policy approaches across markets, knowledge communities, and jurisdictions; and Exploring complex interactions between physical energy systems, energy and capital markets, and legal, institutional, and social systems.
Some of Adam’s current research interests include grid-integration of renewable energy, the continuing evolution of electricity markets, unconventional fossil resources, and the relationship between energy forecasting and policy-making. Among other relevant papers, he co-authored a landmark white paper, Grid Integration of Large-Capacity Renewable Energy Sources and Use of Large-Capacity Electrical Energy Storage, for the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) Market Strategy Board.

Boulder, USA

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