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Chris Dekkers

Leading expert in the monitoring, reporting, verification and compliance of the EU emissions trading system.

Chris Dekkers

Chris holds a University Degree in Mathematical Economics. He started his career in 1965 in the pharmaceutical industry, worked from 1974 to 1976 for United Nations in Africa, and joined in 1977 the Dutch government.

He worked in the oil directorate of the ministry of economic affairs and since 1990 for the Ministry of Environment as policy coordinator for the oil refining industry.
From 1977 on he worked on the policy development of emissions trading. He coordinated various aspects of the implementation on NOx and CO2 emissions trading, and he was one of the key persons behind the first (2004) and the second (2007) MRG decisions on the monitoring, reporting and verification of EU ETS. After his retirement from the ministry, March 2008, Chris was asked to set up and establish the EU ETS Compliance Forum. As coordinator of the Compliance Forum Secretariat he has organised the three EU ETS Compliance Conferences and provided technical and organisation support to the various task forces that have been formed under instruction of the CF Steering Committee.
Chris furthermore supported various projects on capacity building in EU Member States and in accession countries on compliance issues of emissions trading. As such he participated in the Technical Working Groups on the two new EU ETS compliance ensuring regulations, i.e. the Monitoring & Reporting regulation and the Accreditation & Verification regulation which have been endorsed in the December 2011 meeting of the Climate Change Committee. Chris has been chosen multiple times to support the Commission in the organisation and secretariat of the EU ETS Compliance Forum Secretariat.


Den Haag, The Netherlands

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