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David Ritchie

Senior international consultant in management and strategy to private and public organisations in the fields of energy, industry, and international business. 

David Ritchie

David's advisory and consultancy experience spans over four decades. He has occupied managerial, directorial and consultancy positions, and a full professorship.

His first employment was with IBM United Kingdom in London and he completed his managerial cycle as General Manager of the Banco Central Hipotecario del Peru (the Peru's National Mortgage Bank). After completing his postgraduate studies at Louvain University (UCL-LLN) in Belgium he served in Peru as an advisor to the Minister of Industry Tourism and Integration and later to the Minister of Energy and Mines, and then as a member or the board of OSINERGMIN (the energy regulatory institution in Peru). He has been a member of the faculty at ESAN, the top ranked Peru's Business School. At ESAN he has also held leadership positions both in the Academic and in the Governance fields.

Lima, Peru
Scottish and Peruvian

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