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Edwin Dalenoord

Expert in the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, corporate social responsibility, business development, international climate change policies and carbon markets.

Edwin Dalenoord

Edwin Dalenoord (M.Sc.) is an energy and sustainability professional with a strong track record in the conversion of high-level concepts and policies into successfully executed business cases in a complex private-public context with locations across all continents. 

He has advised organisations on how to translate the paradigm of sustainability into concrete visions, missions, policies, strategies, business models, programs and measures. Edwin is an experienced carbon project developer and climate finance specialist. He is active in the carbon market from its beginnings and is responsible for the development of over 20 greenhouse gas reduction  (carbon) projects all over the world. The additional revenues resulting from the sale of the realised carbon credits helped to implement these projects. Through these projects he was able to work with people from all over the world on the implementation of a multitude of clean technologies.
He has advised a broad range of national and international clients (including multinationals, financing institutions, utilities, small and medium enterprises and NGO’s, national ministries and multilateral institution). He has worked for BGP-engineers, Ecofys, had his own company Do-inc and is since 2013 the owner of EWWconsultancy. 

Utrecht, The Netherlands
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