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Liliana Gamba

Experienced project manager with a strong intercultural competence and with more than 15 years experience in the development and practical implementation of sustainability policies and strategies.

Liliana Gamba

Liliana works on sustainability policies and strategies in different sectors, including electricity generation, biomass based materials and fuels, waste management and services.

As a trained system analyst, Liliana understands very well the complexity of economic systems. She applies her analytical skills and hands-on experience to assess the sustainability impacts of policies, supply chains and individual projects; identify options to improve sustainability performance and manage potential risks; develop implement and review sustainability monitoring, reporting and verification systems. She provides support to identify and address sustainability aspects of specific sectors within the framework of low carbon and adaptation strategies. Liliana also advices the development and assessment of sustainable technologies policies and markets.

Liliana has managed and advised a large number of projects for clients worldwide including governments, cooperation agencies, financial institutions, international organizations, industry associations and corporate clients. She advised the Argentinean government regarding the preparation of a NAMA on the use of agricultural and forestry residues for energy. Liliana helped the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) to assess the lessons learned from testing bioenergy sustainability indicators in seven countries. She was one of the key experts supporting the European Commission for the Development of Practical Measures to Facilitate the Implementation of the Biofuels Sustainability Schemes, with a particular focus on land use and voluntary schemes. In further assignments for corporate clients and financial institutions, Liliana developed and implemented methodologies to assess the sustainability of supply chains and individual renewable energy projects and assessed sustainability standards for a wide range of applications. She played an important role in the design of the Colombian sustainability indicator system and was the interim coordinator of the second national communication of Colombia to the UNFCCC.

Liliana holds a PhD degree in Environmental Engineering from the Berlin University of Technology. Her research involved the application of dynamic system analysis to develop a model to estimate the regional biomass potential for energy use taking into account sustainability criteria.

Berlin, Germany

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