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  • May: Cleantech clusters a boost for local economies
    Effect of clustering? There is general consensus that clustering specific types of economic activity in one location provides economic benefits. In this context, a cluster is a geographical location where enough
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  • November: Climate Change Bill in Catalonia: among the most ambitious in the world
    On July 27th, while many people were set to start the summer holidays, the Parliament of Catalonia approved almost by consensus the Catalan Climate Change Bill (LC3, for its Catalan acronym).
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  • June: The road ahead for palm oil
    Palm oil seems to be in everything we use and eat, these days. Not only in household items like shampoos, lipstick and detergents, it is also used in biscuits and noodle soups, as cooking oil and to fuel your car.
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  • May: Success factors for climate technology transfer
    Climate-relevant technology will play an important role in reaching the long-term climate objectives agreed in the Paris Agreement. The availability of appropriate technologies, and corresponding capabilities.
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  • February: Stronger consideration of energy poverty in energy efficiency policy
    In order to make more effective the fight against energy poverty in low-income households, it is proposed to consider this target group more strongly in energy efficiency policy. Commissioned by the ITRE Committee.
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  • October: Bottlenecks for energy storage in the European electricity system
    Energy storage can contribute to the EU goals such as decarbonisation, energy security, energy market integration and increased competitiveness. But its deployment is hindered by existing regulations that do not.
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  • August: Climate Change Court Commentary
    In a recent verdict, a civil court in the Netherlands ordered the Dutch government to strengthen its actions to reduce national GHG emissions in 2020 as its current actions are ‘inadequate and negligent’ towards.
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  • April: Book published on Policy Instruments for Sustainability of Value Chains
    SQ Consult is proud to present its research book “Policy Instruments and Co-Regulation for the Sustainability of Value Chains” written by SQ Consult co-founder Sergio Ugarte and SQ Consult Associate Vincent
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  • March: Towards a sustainable Energy Union
    On 25 February the European Commission published the long awaited package on the Energy Union. The package contains a large number of steps towards increased energy security, completion of the internal energy.
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  • January: Towards effective NAMAs: tapping knowledge from policy evaluation
    In spite of large efforts spent on the development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) only limited progress has been made in terms of actual implementation. Uncertainty regarding NAMA
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  • May: Purchasing departments as game changers for sustainability
    Much of the green marketplace has stagnated from lack of credibility resulting from a dearth of standards and transparency. Still, large companies are making efforts to put more sustainable products on the market.
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  • March: Bringing biojet fuels to the market
    The use of sustainable biojet fuels in the aviation sector has large potential to reduce its emissions. Current high prices for biojet fuels causes however that airlines cannot afford to buy large quantities of.
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  • December: Harmonizing Climate Change Methodologies
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  • June: Commercial energy services: a win-win combination
    Authors: Monique Voogt and Wendy Dubbeld
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  • April: Benchmarking certification systems for sustainability of biomass and biofuels
    Authors: Jinke van Dam, Sergio Ugarte, Sjors van Iersel, Rosaria Chifari
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  • January: Trends and lessons learned in industrial energy and climate policies
    Authors: Dian Phylipsen, Mirjam Harmelink, Monique Voogt, Mark van Wees, Lynn Price
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  • December: After international trade of biofuels, solid biomass flourishes. Same risks, same solutions?
    Authors: Jinke van Dam, Sergio Ugarte, Laetitia Ouillet
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  • June: Renewable energy and carbon markets: Allies or enemies?
    Authors: Dian Phylipsen, Edgar Hernán Cruz Martínez and Monique Voogt
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  • February: Roadmap to an organized global commodity market of bioenergy carriers
    Authors: Ivan Rodriguez, Jinke van Dam, Adam L. Reed, Sergio Ugarte
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  • September: How good a summer did renewables have?
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  • June: A new era of the Bioenergy Industry: Sustainability criteria shaping the market
    Authors: Jinke van Dam, Sergio Ugarte, Adam L. Reed
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