SQ Consult advises public clients in designing and shaping their climate, energy and sustainability positions and policies, and assists its international corporate clients in their response and implementation strategies.

SQ Consult and its experts have extensive experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies, funding instruments, national and international assistance programs and projects, and corporate strategies. We specialize in regulatory & strategic advice, techno-economic analysis, capacity building & training and process & project management.


Dealing with climate change is complex. It requires ambitious, equitable and realistic targets, consistent policies, effective markets and implementation support, including climate finance, technology transfer and capacity building.

SQ Consult addresses these issues at the global, national and local level. We understand the close link between climate action, sustainable development, business activity and potential synergies among them.

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Providing sustainable, reliable, consumer oriented and affordable energy services is a key necessity to achieve ambitious targets on low carbon and climate resilient development.

SQ Consult advises in every stage of policy and market strategy design. We assist in formulating clear objectives, identifying barriers and drivers, and understanding impacts of such policies and strategies.

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Achieving sustainable prosperity for all goes hand-in-hand with strategies  ending all forms of poverty, fighting inequalities, using natural resources efficiently and tackling climate change and environmental protection.

SQ Consult supports its clients in understanding and evaluating the changes sustainability practices demand from society and the implications they have for business in different value chains of products and services.

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Our references illustrate the solid and long-track record of our team members in energy, climate and sustainability policies and strategies.

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