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Sjors van Iersel

Specialised on design and implementation of decarbonisation policies, with a focus on bio-based products and emissions trading.

Sjors van Iersel

Sjors van Iersel (MSc) has worked over 10 years as a bioenergy and climate change consultant. His recent research work has focused on decarbonisation policies and the evolution of national and international regulations.

He has supported several national governments on EU-RED policy implementation, has performed benchmark studies on voluntary biofuel sustainability certification schemes and has performed several biofuel for transport due diligences. Sjors was the lead author on two UN FAO publications on bio-based products from algae and has analysed a variety of biomass conversion technologies during his work on the bioenergy strategy for Lebanon, a CDM methodology on low-emission power generation through pyrolytic distillation of wastes and has performed multiple GHG emissions reduction calculations for a planned bioethanol production plant. He has also supported the European Commission as part of the core team in over 10 projects related to decarbonising industry and energy production through emissions trading. Among other tasks, in several of these Commission projects he is currently supporting the Commission in the writing the various regulations governing the next phase of EU ETS (2021-2030).
Sjors holds an MSc degree in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He is a native Dutch speaker, is fluent in English, has worked as a consultant for several years in Spain and since 8 years resides in Porto, Portugal.

Porto, Portugal

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