PMR emissions quantification protocols for carbon pricing

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SQ Consult was commissioned by the World Bank’s Partnership on Market Readiness to prepare a detailed Technical Note on developing protocols for emissions quantification (M&R) to support carbon pricing.

The project develops guidance on how policy makers can establish monitoring and reporting systems for their carbon pricing instruments to assist countries in their readiness activities under the PMR; the Technical Note builds on an existing PMR Guide on monitoring and reporting.

The objective of the Technical Note is to provide an overview and practical detailed guidance for policy-makers and practitioners about how quantification processes should be developed and implemented.

The Technical Note is developed based on existing experience in different countries and jurisdictions around the world, including lessons learned with their design, development and implementation of quantification, from other internationally recognised standards/protocols, and from experience gained, for example from international mechanisms such as the CDM and JI. This information is obtained through literature review, surveys, questionnaires and interviews with policy makers and regulators as well as stakeholder consultation meetings with the PMR Working Group on MRV.

The guidance is pricing instrument specific: i.e. contain guidance on the development, implementation and management of quantification protocols for different carbon pricing instruments and precursor mandatory reporting programmes.

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