Roadmap for the energy sector of the Maldives

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The roadmap for the low carbon developement of the energy sector of the Maldives aims to be an anchoring document establishing action lines to transit from a fossil fuel based energy sector to a cost effective, business competitive and affordable low-carbon future.

This roadmap will help policy makers and financing institutions to create an enabling environment for needed private sector investments in energy infrastructure and services.

The vision for the energy sector is translated into the reduction of liquid fossil fuel dependency by 70 percent. The 70 percent reduction target will be achieved by implementing energy efficiency measures and by substituting liquid fossil fuels with low carbon, cleaner and renewable energies in electricity production, desalinization and supply of drinking water, sea and road transport and in the housing and fishing industry sectors.

The Republic of the Maldives is an island state composed by 1192 small, dispersed and isolated islands distributed in 26 natural atolls in the Indian Ocean.

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