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Sergio Ugarte

Experienced in overseeing project delivery of complex projects with over 25 years track record in energy and sustainability issues in a wide geographical scope across continents. 

Sergio Ugarte

Sergio's combined technical and political expertise has brought him to management of various complex, international and multi-discipline projects related to energy and development issues for a large number of public and private clients across Europe and other continents. 

Sergio has a thorough understanding of investment decision making within the energy sector as well as extensive hands-on experience on overcoming market failures and investment barriers. His experience extends to advisory services in the promotion and finance of climate mitigation initiatives related to renewable energy infrastructure, energy technology innovations, energy efficiency and industrial low carbon strategies. In the last years he has also developed strong expertise in bioeconomy issues, in particular the sustainability of bioproducts. His long-term career includes among others being Vice-Minister of Energy in Peru. 

Sergio holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, with minors in Economics and Mathematics from Northeastern University in Boston (USA), where he was for several years an associate researcher on energy generation topics and future energy needs.

Barcelona, Spain
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