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Technology development and transfer are part of the international climate negotiations. The UNFCCC Technology Mechanism facilitates technical support to developing countries through technology cooperation. In this project, SQ Consult, together with ICF and Vivid Economics, supported the European Commission in its role as designated national entity (NDE) for the EU under the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism and its implementation arm, the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN). The overall aim of the project was to facilitate the engagement of stakeholders from the EU in climate technology transfer and to identify options to strengthen the Technology Mechanism and the CTCN.

Activities included the Evaluation of the technology transfer landscape, identification of best practice technology transfer initiatives and lessons learned, evaluation of EU Member State NDE activities related to technology transfer, recommendations to improve the functioning of the Technology Mechanism and the CTCN, outreach events for European stakeholders and developing country stakeholders (in Brussels and India). Focus on small-scale technologies, private sector involvement, new business models.

The EU stakeholder event was held in Brussels, focussing on current EU NDE activities, EU company activities and interests and areas to increase private sector participation. The India stakeholder event was organised in New Delhi, and discussed technical challenges, activities and cooperation opportunities, with a special focus on efficient water pumps.

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