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Thijs van den Berg

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Towards effective NAMAs: tapping knowledge from policy evaluation

January 2015

In spite of large efforts spent on the development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) only

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Purchasing departments as game changers for sustainability

May 2014

Much of the green marketplace has stagnated from lack of credibility resulting from a dearth of standards and

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Bringing biojet fuels to the market

March 2014

The use of sustainable biojet fuels in the aviation sector has large potential to reduce its emissions. Current

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SQ Consult is an international consultancy fully dedicated to supporting our clients in meeting the challenges of climate change, sustainability and energy transition. We provide our clients with creative, yet pragmatic and lasting solutions, provide them with sustainable added value.

Our network of professionals combines technical, legal, regulatory, policy, economic and financial expertise in the area of sustainability.

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KPMG survey finds #SupplyChain as the #1 challenge for consumer companies, and area where they plant to invest more

27 Feb

The EU #EnergyUnion Package: proposal for a new RES Package in 2016/17, including policy for sustainable biomass and biofuels

25 Feb

The EU #EnergyUnion Package: review of all EE legislation by 2015 and 2016; revising legislation where needed to achieve 2030 target

25 Feb

The EU #EnergyUnion Package: renewed attention to support the targeted 10% interconnection rate by 2020 and increase of rate to 15% by 2030

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