Evaluation report of the NAMA Facility published

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March 11 , 2021

The 2nd NAMA Facility Interim Evaluation report conducted by IPSOS Mori and SQ Consult has been published!

Colleagues Julia Larkin and Ann Gardiner worked on this evaluation that aim to provide the NAMA Facility’s Donors and the Technical Support Unit with validation as to whether they are on the right track in: selecting NAMA Support Projects (NSPs), disseminating learning from the Facility and in supporting a transformation to a low-carbon society. The Interim Evaluation of the NAMA Facility ensures the NAMA Facility is accountable and open to continuous learning. These two factors are part the NAMA Facility's working approach to catalyse transformational change through incremental monitoring processes that allow fearless learning. The evaluation looked at: 

  • External perspectives on the NAMA Facility, including the role of the NAMA Facility within the wider climate finance architecture;  

  • The effectiveness of its current strategy and ‘branding’ and the role of the NAMA Facility as a learning hub;  

  • The effectiveness and efficiency of the governance and management frameworks and processes, particularly to the extent that they help the NAMA Facility to contribute to transformational change at a global and NSP-level;  

  • The relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the NSP selection processes, particularly in terms of facilitating the NAMA Facility’s overall contribution to transformational change.  

As part of the evaluation, the team also assessed the appropriateness of the NAMA Facility’s Theory of Change (ToC).The evaluation report also features five case studies.   

Download the report here

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