Fund's Evaluation Report Awarded for Innovation

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October 7 , 2019

The Mid Term Evaluation of the Global Climate Partnership Foundation conducted by IPSOS MORIS, SQ Consult and Ernst & Young has been awarded first place in the Innovation category of the Evaluating Development Interventions for Transformational Change Award –something that cannot always be taken for granted. This is a joint initiative of the Independent Office of Evaluation in the World Bank Group and the International Development Evaluation Association.

The biennial award recognises outstanding evaluations of development interventions that promote or result in transformational change and are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. The innovation award within this recognises the novelty and originality of the scope and conceptual or methodological approach to the evaluation. The evaluation also acknowledged that timing is critical in evaluations of transformational policies e.g. that for sustainability, we cannot rely on a one-off ‘snapshot’ judgement but also need to invest in ongoing monitoring. 

The award recognises the team’s delivery of the evaluation of the Global Climate Partnership Fund, commissioned by the UK and German Government. This fund lends finance to local financial institutions in developing and emerging markets, building their capacity to offer loans for renewable and energy efficiency projects. These include:

  • More energy efficient farming equipment
  • Solar or wind projects
  • More efficient vehicles

Projects of this kind are subject to supply and demand issues as there is limited awareness and demand, so finance is typically classed as high-risk and high-cost.

The evaluation involved in-depth case studies in Cambodia, Ecuador, India and Namibia to understand if and how these new investment flows were driving transformational impacts for local markets and end-beneficiaries. This involved interviewing local financial institutions; end-beneficiaries such as farmers, households and businesses; those delivering technical assistance; and other stakeholders. Secondary analysis of market-level benchmarking data augmented the project, by assessing the success of the fund’s model within local markets.

The judges selected this project on the basis of its application of theory-based evaluation methods, including principles of Contribution Analysis and Qualitative Comparative Analysis. At the time of commissioning, these methods were not yet widely used in evaluations in this field.

The Award was presented on Wednesday October 2nd at the 2019 IDEAS Global Assembly during a ceremony taking place at the Residence of the Mayor of Prague.


Congratulations to the SQ Consult team

Sergio Ugarte (Team's Quality Director), Marion Vieweg, as well as Edwin Dalenoord who has now moved on to new roles.

Find out more about the project on the Global Climate Partnership Fund website. 


Download here the Prize Winning Evaluation Report

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