SQ Consult B.V. and its holding company Sustainable Quality holding B.V. were founded  in  2009. Coming from different backgrounds, the founding partners of SQ Consult shared a vision of independent consultancy based on quality and seniority.

SQ Consult adopted, therefore, for a business model that allows the independency of its international experts, while securing synergy.

SQ Consult is now managed by three directors, Sergio UgarteMonique Voogt and Dian Phylipsen


SQ Consult is more than a consultancy. Its strengths results from the bundling of expertise and experience from acknowledged international experts in the areas and topics we work in.

We have acquired a strong international network of 25 associate expert who devote their time, expertise, and ambition to SQ Consult. Our associates complement, complete and add value to  each other’s network and experience. As a result, we are able to establish the best expert team for each specific project, in consultation with our clients.

We select our partners and associate experts,  based on a shared vision and shared mission for SQ Consult. All are committed to delivering sustainable quality to our customers. SQ Consult stands, therefore,  for quality, project management, and leadership in our areas of expertise.


SQ Consult advises on:

Climate and energy policies

Energy and carbon markets

Sustainable production and consumption

Climate negotiations and climate finance 

SQ Consult supports policy makers and provides private and public market players with strategic advice, regulatory support and project management in our areas of expertise. 

Our services range from strategic advice to techno-economic analysis to capacity building and training, to market analysis, and from policy design and evaluation to project management.

We deliver our services globally, with experts based in many different countries and with work experience world-wide.

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