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Mirjam Harmelink

Policy evaluation expert with a good overview of policies applied in the field of renewables, energy efficiency and climate change in the field of urban.

Mirjam Harmelink

Mirjam Harmelink (MSc.) is an expert in policy design and evaluation with over 20 years of experience advising local, regional and national governments, businesses and NGOs.

She is a senior associate with SQ Consult B.V. She has 24 years’ of professional experience in the field of sustainable energy and climate change, focusing her work on supporting design and evaluation of sustainable energy and climate policies. Mirjam has been working in various positions in this field including the Netherlands environmental assessment agency, the Dutch energy agency Novem and Ecofys B.V. Since 2009 she is working as an independent consultant and as a senior associate for SQ Consult. Her client base includes the European Commission, European Parliament, IEA, national Ministries, energy agencies, local governments, NGOs, research institutes, universities, utilities and grid operators.

Ms Harmelink has extensive knowledge of, and vast experience with quantitative and qualitative methods to monitor and assess the impact (effectiveness and efficiency) of government policies in the field of energy efficiency (buildings, industry, energy sector and transport), renewable energy (heating, cooling, electricity,) ex-ante as well as ex-post. Her activities encompassed project-management, consultancy, research, technical assistance, capacity building, data gathering and analysis and reporting.

Besides her association to SQ Consult, Mirjam is also managing consultant at Harmelink Consulting.

Utrecht, The Netherlands
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