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Monique Voogt

Expert in climate change and energy policies and markets, combining in-depth insight in policy and markets with passion for sustainability and solid business understanding.

Monique Voogt

Monique Voogt (MSc) has worked as a consultant in the field of sustainable energy and climate change since 1994, specialised in the design and implementation of energy and carbon market mechanisms. 

She has worked with the European Commission, Development Banks and UN Bodies, as well as with NGOs and various multinational companies around the globe. Monique supported public clients in developing policy programs and legislation, including the European Energy Directive, the EU-ETS, voluntary agreements for industrial energy efficiency, green and white certificate systems, and NAMAs. She supports corporate clients in (re-) designing their corporate strategy in response to upcoming and expected legislative changes, and supports development of business propositions in energy and carbon markets. She has conducted various power market analyses (portfolio analysis, due diligence, strategy design and policy response) for several European energy companies.

Monique is a fast-thinker, analytical, open, down-to-earth, and a strong communicator. She knows how to motivate people and excels at building bridges between a diversity of people, disciplines, and ideas.

Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Coal - to exit or not to exit?

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