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Jeff Obbard

Engineer, ecologist & environmental consultant with strong track record on environmental science projects in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. 


Jeff Obbard

Jeff has also been a professor at the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS). At NUS, Jeff was Director of the Sustainable Development & Water Alliance, and Research Director at the Tropical Marine Science Institute.

He also held a joint-appointment with the Science & Engineering Research Council in Singapore as Principal Scientist for Bioenergy. He graduated with a Bachelor honours degree (1st class) in Ecology from Lancaster University in the UK, and then pursued his PhD under the full sponsorship of the UK’s Water Research Centre. On a sabbatical from NUS, Jeff served as Vice President for Science & Technology in a Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum joint-venture with the University of Hawaii for a low-carbon biofuel technology. Prior to joining NUS, he worked as a Senior Scientific Consultant for SKM Enviros - a British environmental consultancy company, and was based in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Jeff has been recognized as a Top 100 Global Sustainability Leader for his work, and led a Singapore-based team to win the United Nations Mondialogo Engineering Award for its contribution to the UN Millennium Development Goals.

He has practiced widely as a consultant in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA on environmental science projects related to his research, and has recently returned to Singapore from Qatar where he was Director and Professor at the Environmental Science Centre at Qatar University. 2018 has been declared as the ‘Year of Climate Change Action’ by the Singapore government and is expected to herald new consultancy opportunities. Jeff currently holds a partnership and director position in the Singapore-based environmental consultancy company Tembusu, and is Technical Director of his university spin-off company AiRazor Technologies.

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