Sustainability certification schemes for bio-based products

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March 30 , 2020

Our project STAR-ProBio has produced a blueprint of sustainability certification schemes for bio-based products. This blueprint is structured contains two key tools: (1) a sustainability assessment tool (IAT) – for the assessment of specific bio-based products enabling also the comparison of the bio-based products against fossil-based products, and (2) the sustainability certification tools (SCT) – as an overarching umbrella, describing the methodological framework and underpinnings. The blueprint provides with information on the most relevant sustainability assessment aspects concerning bio- based products and related value chains, that can be further used by policy makers, regulatory bodies, industries, associations, and the civil society.

The SCT includes three tools: Benchmarking Platform (BP), Framework Rules (FR) and Building Blocks (BB) can be applied separately or complementary. IAT can be applied by companies for sustainability self-assessment, benchmarking, eco- design and pre-check sustainability certification process; BP enables to contrast a bio-based product with existing certification schemes; FR describes rules for management of certification scheme; BB provides opportunity to select criteria and indicators according to a specificity of sustainability assessment. All tools complement each other in the thorough sustainability assessment in the light of current regulations and construct the fundamental for standard documentation.


Download the report here

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