STAR-ProBio in the updated Italian Bioeconomy Strategy

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May 27 , 2019

The updated version of the Italian bioeconomy strategy has been recently published. The strategy explicitly refers to our Horizon 2020 project STAR-ProBio to highlight the importance of promoting the use of sustainability standards, certification schemes and labels to support the bio-based market and the creation of a ‘level playing field’ between bio-based products and conventional products.

STAR-ProBio supports the European Commission in the implementation of European policy initiatives, including the Lead Market Initiative in bio-based products, the industrial policy and the European Bio-economy Strategy. The overall goal of the project is to formulate guidelines for a common framework promoting the development of regulations and standards that support the adoption of business innovation models and market uptake in the bio-based products sector. STAR-ProBio does so by developing a blueprint for sustainability schemes and tools applicable to a large spectrum of bio-products, and by making recommendations for a more efficient and harmonized policy regulation framework for the market-pull of such products.

STAR-ProBio has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No. 727740.


Download the report here

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