2018 Yearbook of Global Climate Action - Marrakech Partnership

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November 21 , 2018

The second Yearbook of Global Climate Action published by the UNFCCC shows how thousands of cities, regions, businesses, investors and civil society are making commitments and taking climate action. It demonstrates the potential for these actors working together with governments to put the world on a path to meeting the Paris Agreement Goals. However, it also makes clear that all actors need to urgently step up the pace and ambition of action to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

SQ Consult's Ann Gardiner was lead author for this Yearbook.

Download here the Yearbook

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Dealing with climate change is complex. Clear policies and effective market instruments are needed. SQ Consult addresses these issues at the global, national and local level. 

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Ann Gardiner

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Ann Gardiner

Experienced manager of complex projects and more than 20 years experience in developing and evaluating climate and energy policy

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