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Increased energy efficiency is in most end-use sectors and markets still the most cost effective route towards a low carbon society.

The diversity in sectors, energy efficiency technologies, markets, and the multiple actors requires dedicated and well-designed policies, regulation and market instruments for energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Monitoring and evaluation of policies and their impact is essential in securing success.

SQ Consult has extensive knowledge of the energy efficiency policies and legislation (acquis) of the European Union and new market based instruments for energy efficiency, such as white certificates.

Benchmarking, multi-criteria analysis and cost-benefit analysis are among the methods that our experts apply. This includes qualitative modelling and scenario analysis to support energy efficiency policy development.

The knowledge of SQ Consult experts covers the most relevant energy efficiency technologies and their markets. Our sector scope includes industry, energy sector, buildings, transport and SMEs.

Services and Clients

SQ Consult advises policy makers on the design of energy efficiency policy and legislation. This includes the drafting of energy efficiency action plans and legislation/regulation.

We evaluate and support sustainability strategies and energy efficiency strategies and policies on EU, national, local and company level and carry out monitoring and evaluation projects to check progress towards realising these policies.

On local and regional level, we support authorities/municipalities in achieving their sustainability, sustainable energy and climate change goals.

We assist energy efficiency project developers in the identification, development and operation of projects. We support business developers and manufacturers of sustainable and energy efficient products.

SQ Consult experts are team leaders and key experts in technical assistance projects for EuropeAid, World Bank, EBRD, and UNDP.

We provide (in-company) trainings, design university courses, and lecture on sustainable production and consumption.

Featured Projects

  • Evaluation of industrial energy efficiency and GHG policy in large and emerging economies. evaluation of industrial energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction policies of the Netherlands, UK, US, Japan, China and India, Australia, Canada, South-Africa, Germany, Thailand and Russia. 
  • Review energy efficiency and renewable energy legislation in Kazakhstan. The advice was based on an assessment of Dutch and international best practices. Topics included energy auditing and reporting, and voluntary agreements. Draft legislation was reviewed by SQ Consult
  • Global policy benchmark for water and energy efficiency in the built environment (Grundfos). SQ (in consortium) advised the largest manufacturer of water pumps in the world on a global policy benchmark related to water and energy efficiency in the built environment.  Assessment of policies and regulation at selected countries in the world
  • Energy efficiency policies Philippines. Capacity building for Philippines government officials on national and EU energy efficiency policies (EC)

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