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The share of renewable energy is growing globally. However, the regulatory environment for renewables is dynamic, with regular changes to incentive schemes and policies.

Investors and project developers struggle to assess the risks involved as policy makers strive to strike a balance between economic rationale and the need for energy transition.

SQ Consult is very familiar with the complexity of energy systems at global, regional, national and local level, with a focus on the growing sustainability demands and renewable energy objectives on these systems.

We have worked on the different policy and regulatory regimes to enable the growth of renewable energy. This includes green certificates and purchase obligation policies.

Our technology and market expertise covers the most relevant (low carbon) renewable energy technologies and their markets, including energy storage and other flexibility options.

Benchmarking, multi-criteria analysis, product life cycle analysis, MRV and cost-benefit analysis are among the methods that our experts apply.

We also apply qualitative modelling and scenario analysis to support policy development, using a range of tools.

Services and Clients

SQ Consult evaluates and supports renewable energy policies on EU, national and local level. We carry out policy monitoring and evaluation projects to check progress in the developments in sustainable energy and energy efficiency.

We assist energy companies in developing their renewables portfolio, reassessing its value under different scenarios for renewable and carbon policies.

We support renewable energy developers on identification, development and operation of projects, including feasibility studies.

We support business developers and manufacturers of sustainable and energy efficient products. We assist renewable energy developers with their projects, helping them assess risks and opportunities associated with different subsidy schemes. 

SQ experts are team leader and key experts in technical assistance projects for EuropeAid, World Bank, EBRD, and UNDP.

Our experts provide (in-company) trainings, design university courses, and lectures.

Featured Projects

  • Reporting on the trends in sustainable energy in the Netherlands (RVO). Publication of 3 reports on role of subsidies, market developments, and policy development for sustainable energy.
  • Local sustainable energy companies/initiatives. SQ Consult advised on the support these developments in view of the contribute to achieving local and potentially national targets on sustainable energy (RVO)
  • Evaluation energy access proposals for the Mekong Region (EC). 
  • Analysis of different market designs and regulatory incentives can help or hinder the development of new energy storage technologies in the gas and electricity sectors in the EU(European Parliament)
  • Due diligence wind and geothermal power plants Nicaragua

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